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BT scheme uses football to teach computer skills

Football AND computers
Football AND computers

BT and the Football Foundation are hoping to use people's love of football to teach them computer skills – with the communications giant starting a scheme to bring IT training to stadiums across the country.

Football clubs including Doncaster Rovers, Ipswich Town, Middlesbrough, Manchester City, Newcastle United, Nottingham Forest, Plymouth, Portsmouth, West Brom and West Ham are all involved in a scheme backed by Prime Minister Gordon Brown.

The £1 million scheme will be open to all ages and will allow people to combine learning to use PCs with football related games and trivia.

Fun learning

"Practical learning using football and other sports can be a very effective way of helping to close the attainment gap because it can be such great fun," said Paul Thorogood, chief executive of the Football Foundation.

"Addressing IT illiteracy while getting active will be hugely beneficial to young people; it will also help those older people who have, for one reason or another, missed out on the IT revolution of the past decade."