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LiveHit turns web into popularity contest

LiveHit - are you one of the web's hot trends?
LiveHit - are you one of the web's hot trends?

Anybody trying to make trend analysis trendy is going to encounter a boat-load of problems, mostly because the subject matter, unless you are an advertiser or webmaster, is quite boring.

But add social networking into the equation, and sprinkle the fact that most people are inherently nosey, and you might just have something.

This is the thought behind LiveHit – a new site that creates 'live' maps that will let you peek through the proverbial 'net curtains and have a nose around the web to see what people are searching most for on the internet.

Popularity contest

Although this is not a new idea – Google Trends gives you the skinny on popular keywords – it is all housed on a site that's actually interesting to look at, giving you thumbnails of the most popular web pages.

The makers of LiveHit explain the site as "your personalised social navigation engine to find what's hot and who's hot online, and connect."

Essentially, it may mean that you can get your hands on that internet meme a minute or two before your mates. And we all want that now, don't we?