How to disable Bixby on your Samsung Galaxy phone

Turn off that Bixby button

If you've got a Samsung phone that was released in the last few years then it's likely you've got the company's Bixby voice assistant packed inside.

Bixby debuted on the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus, and it has been included on every top-end release from the company since. There's no reason to think Samsung won't keep including it on future devices as well.

You'll also have a hardware button dedicated to starting up the voice assistant, which can easily be accidentally hit when you're using the phone - especially on the larger Note series - and it can be quite irritating when you don't want Bixby to appear.

There are three different elements to Bixby. There's the voice service, the button to launch it and the home page app - we've put together a guide for turning off all or just some of the ways Bixby works on your phone so it won't jump up over the top of the apps you're using. 

To be able to disable Bixby altogether, you'll have to do all of the tasks below - there isn't currently a one-stop way to turn it all off.

How to disable the Bixby button

The button is the biggest Bixby-related complaint we've heard from those who own the larger phones from Samsung, as it's easy to tap the button when you're trying to do something else like lower the volume on your phone.

To disable it, from the home screen on your phone swipe to the left so the Bixby menu will pop up, or use the Bixby key one last time. The menu will say 'hello' with your name in the top left and there's a globe, cog and three vertical dots in the top right.

Press on the cog symbol and a small menu will pop up that says 'Bixby Key' with a switch to the right that will allow you to turn off the main button. Switch that to off, and you'll now find the Bixby key doesn't work when you give it a quick tap.

Sadly Samsung doesn't allow you to remap it so you can use the button for other features on the phone, but we hold out hope that's something the company may allow you to do in a future update.

How to disable Bixby voice

If you've turned off the Bixby button for booting up the app, you'll still find a long press on it will open up the voice assistant. If you want to turn that off, you'll have to head back into the Bixby app by swiping left on the home screen of your phone.

The top three icons (the globe, cog and dots) will appear again, and this time you want to press the dots, then tap 'Settings'. In the second section - it's titled voice - you'll see the top option says 'Bixby Voice'.

Again you can press this switch and it will turn off the feature. Remember this doesn't mean you have to be without a voice assistant though as you can still use Google Assistant on your device.

How to disable Bixby Home

Want rid of Bixby altogether? If you get annoyed with the service popping up to the left of your home screen, there is a way to disable it so you won't see it at all.

First, you'll have to find some space on your home screen and long press as if you were about to move some of the apps around. Then swipe left to head over to the Bixby screen, and you'll see the name Bixby Home appear.

There's a toggle next to this, and you just have to press it once to turn it off. You can get Bixby Home back at any time by repeating the steps above and just hitting the toggle again.

There you have it - if you've completed all of these steps you've now got rid of Bixby from your Samsung device. 

If you find you actually miss elements of the voice assistant, remember you can get any or all of them back by repeating the relevant steps above and just hitting the toggles again to reactivate the features.