Microsoft Surface Pro 6 gets huge price cut on Amazon Prime Day

Microsoft Surface Pro 6 Amazon Prime Day deal
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The price of the Microsoft Surface Pro 6 has been cut for Amazon's Prime Day deals in both the US and the UK, with Microsoft's slim and stylish Windows 10 tablet — which also doubles as a lightweight laptop — seeing drops of up to $300/£300.

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What's particularly great about some of the Surface Pro 6 deals we've found — apart from the large price drops — is that with some of them, the Surface Pro 6 comes bundled with the Signature Type Cover. The Type Cover serves as both a keyboard and a case, so you can protect your Surface Pro 6 and type on it with the same device. 

Often, the Type Cover is sold separately, which can add a not inconsiderable extra amount onto the asking price if you want to use it as a laptop. The fact that the Type Cover is included here makes this one of the best Amazon Prime Day Deals we've seen so far.

And, if the Surface Pro 6 isn't the right device for you, we've gathered up the best laptop deals, so you don't have to spend too much time sorting through all the laptop deals on Amazon over the next few days. 

The best US Surface Pro 6 Amazon Prime Day deals

Microsoft Surface Pro 6 Bundle $1,099

Microsoft Surface Pro 6 Bundle $1,099 $898 at Amazon
The Microsoft Surface Pro 6 is without a doubt the best Windows tablet available today, and it's made even better with this bundle – you get the Type Cover and Surface Pro Pen included. And, on Amazon Prime Day, you can pick it all up for just $898.

Microsoft Surface Pro 6 $899 $718.88 at Amazon

Microsoft Surface Pro 6 $899 $718.88 at Amazon
Save $180 off the newest version of the Surface Pro 60, which an Intel Core i5 processor, 8GB of RAM and 128GB SSD. It's slim, stylish and powerful — and now more affordable. Note that this deal is for the Surface Pro 6 only. If you want the Type Cover as well, check out the deal below.

Microsoft Surface Pro 6 $1,299 $958 at Amazon

Microsoft Surface Pro 6 $1,299 $958 at Amazon
This deal for the Surface Pro 6 cuts a huge $341off the asking price, and this version comes with the Surface Type Cover, which is great if you want to use the Surface Pro 6 to write and work on. Stock is low and running out quickly with this deal, however.

The best UK Surface Pro 6 Amazon Prime Day deals

Microsoft Surface Pro 6 £909.99 £749.99 at Amazon

Microsoft Surface Pro 6 £909.99 £749.99 at Amazon
This is a fantastic deal on Microsoft's beautifully-designed tablet. It comes with the Signature Type Cover, which not only protects the screen, but also turns it into a laptop-like device. Also comes with a Core i5 processor, 8GB RAM and 128GB SSD.

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