Panasonic G5

Panasonic G5

The Panasonic G5 has some great features such as an articulating touchscreen and a decent electronic viewfinder (EVF) that make it really versatile. The autofocus system is quick, the Touch Shutter mode is ideal when you want to shoot from an awkward angle and you can set the AF point via the screen while you shoot through the EVF.

Being a mini-SLR style compact system camera, it's also small and neat, but there's a good sized handgrip and plenty of direct controls. What's more, because its a Micro Four Thirds model, there's an extensive selection of lenses available. Oh and the image quality is pretty decent as well.

Olympus M.ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 60mm 1:2.8 MACRO


I'd really like one of Olympus's 60mm macro lenses to mount on the G5. Even though it looks a bit long and skinny, this lens a has superb build quality and the optics are excellent, allowing lifesize reproduction.



I've been using Snapseed on my iPhone for ages to add retro effects, textures and frames to images - it's a great piece of software. Easy to use, and it applies effects that would take a lot of skill in Photoshop. It's also available for OS X and Windows computers, so I'd like to have it on my computer.

Orbis Ringflash


This clever diffuser turns a standard flashgun into a ringlight for funky portraits and shadow-free macro images. With the flash connected to camera via a cable or a radio trigger, TTL metering is maintained so the exposure's a doddle.

Manfrotto geared head

Manfrotto geared head

This tripod head gives you some precision when you're lining up a shot and trying to get the horizon level. Instead of wobbling the camera back and forth before tightening up the tilt mechanism, you use the gears to wind it into position. It's a great choice for landscape and still life photography – and I need one!