Asus ZenWatch 2 will launch in Australia on December 1

And it's pretty customisable, too

Asus has finally priced and dated its ZenWatch 2 for Australia: it's coming on December 1, with prices starting at $299, depending on which model you go for.

That's because the watch comes in two sizes - 49.6mm x 40.7mm and 45.2mm x 37.2mm. It also has three case colours to choose from and 18 strap options. Yes, you can't fault the ZenWatch 2 for its customisation.

The Zenwatch 2 comes running Google's Android Wear, though it will be one of the few smartwatches that also work with Android Wear on iOS.

It also packs some exclusive features like watch-to-watch communication, which, for example, lets you send emojis to other ZenWatch users - mimicking a feature of the Apple Watch.

Then you've got 50 exclusive ZenWatch faces and a ZenWatch manager feature. Both versions of the watch are IP67 water resistant and feature a single physical button.

The watch will be available to buy directly from Harvey Norman Stores as well as Asus' eShop. Leather strap options start at $299, while $369 is the starting price for those after a metal banded version.

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