Did you hear the one about more people owning a VCR than a desktop PC?

The humble video cassette recorder is refusing to go quietly into the night despite DVD, then Blu-ray, then digital downloads all taking a shot at eliminating it from existence.

Recent figures from Gallup have claimed a whopping 58 per cent of Americans still own a VCR, keeping alive their VHS collections and perhaps even recording programming from the television.

While keeping a video player around is always handy for repeat watchings of WWF Summerslam '92, PC manufacturers might be kinda sad that more people have VCRs around than desktops (57 per cent).

The volume of those who just can't bring themselves to chuck out tape deck also exceed iPod ownership and (44 per cent) and games console ownership (41 per cent). Suck on that Xbox and PlayStation!

More Blips!

We've got more blips than a dodgy TV recording of Red Dwarf from 1990...

Via The Atlantic