Panasonic concerned about OLED TVs

Thin and low-power isn't EVERYTHING, you know...

Panasonic has used the opening day of Ceabit 2008 to state that it thinks OLED technology isn't as ready for TVs as everyone is hoping.

According to Cnet, Panasonic AVC Networks President Toshihiro Sakamoto thinks that there may be a need to focus OLED technology on new areas of the market.


Due to high manufacturing costs and low yields from the current production method, Sakamoto says: "we may have to redefine the market position of OLED."

He also says that the current abilities of OLED production mean 30in plus screen sizes, which would be needed to properly challenge LCD in the market, are not possible on a large scale.

Although Sony is pressing ahead with 11in and 27in OLED TVs, Panasonic's efforts may not be seen on larger display sizes until after 2015.


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