The best 4K TV deals for Cyber Monday 2015

Techradar's pick of the best 4K Ultra HD TVs of Cyber Monday 2015

Everyone wants a 4K Ultra HD deal right? It's the new TV tech giving us over eight million pixels delivering four times the resolution of the 1080p standard.

If you missed out on the big Black Friday push in picking up your new big-screen UHD purchase then now is probably the time to think seriously about going for it - Cyber Monday is still seeing prices tumbling across the board. Now you can pick up a 4K TV for absolutely incredible prices.

And if you were worried about content there's now a wealth of Ultra HD goodness from Netflix and Amazon Prime Instant Video to make your new 4K look its absolute best.

Take a look at the best 4K Ultra HD deals of today, starting with our favourites.

There's £1,000 off this 65-inch LG OLED beast, now £2999 at John Lewis

And this 55-inch LG is one of the best-value 4K OLED TVs you can buy, now£2249 at John Lewis

Philips' impressive 50-inch Ultra HD Android TV is also a bit of a bargain at just£529 at

The best 4K Ultra HD deals for Cyber Monday 2015:

Big-screen 4K OLED The most advanced TV tech with £1,000 off, now £2999 at John Lewis

Samsung HDR-ready 4K One of the best TVs we've reviewed at a great price, now £2399 at Amazon UK

Curved 65-inch LG 4K curved smart TV with £700 off, now £1999 at Currys

Full 65-inch LG 4K Beefy LG smart Ultra HD, was £2,199 now £1549 at Amazon UK

60-inch Nano-crystal 4K Samsung Ultra HD save £879.99, now £1420 at

60-inch Samsung Ultra HD TV Smart Ultra HD 60-inch TV, down to just £899 at Currys

55-inch LG OLED Curvy Ultra HD with LG's awesome OLED tech, now £2249 at John Lewis

Curvy 55-inch 4K Ultra HD Samsung curve with 6 months UHD Netflix, now £1299 at John Lewis

Sony Bravia 4K TV 55-inch Ultra HD Android TV from Sony now £1079 at John Lewis

£550 off this LG 55-incher 4K Ultra HD with over a third off, now £849 at Currys

Curvy 4K 55-incher from Finlux After some Ultra HD curves? There's now £200 off, down to £799 at Amazon UK

55-inch Ultra HD curves Save £300 on this 55-inch curved 4K TV from Hisense now £699 at

Beefy 55-inch Philips 4K TV One of our favourite 55-inch 4K Android TVs now £649 at

John Lewis 4K Get the own-brand (made by LG) 55-inch TV for £749

LG Ultra HD bargain 55-inch smart 4K, was £1,399 now £829 at Amazon UK

Big-screen Finlux 4K 55-inch Ultra HD with £100 off, now £599.99 at Amazon UK

Panasonic 50-inch 4K 50-inch Ultra HD with 42% off, now £689 at Amazon UK

Samsung Nano Crystal TV 50-inch smart Ultra HD TV, save £301 with six months Netflix, now £698 at Currys

Big-boy Philips 4K Android TV 50-inch 4K Android TV, now £270 off at £529 at

LG 49-inch Ultra HD 4K Ultra HD at 49-inches with £450 off, now £549 at Currys

Smart LG 4K Ultra HD with a 49-inch screen, was £1,099 now £649 at Amazon UK

Panasonic Ultra HD fun 48-inch Smart 3D 4K TV now £479 at Currys

48-inch Samsung 4K Save £200 on this Ultra HD TV with built-in WiFi now £689 at John Lewis

43-inch LG 4K £450 off this 43-inch Ultra HD TV, now £449 at Currys

43-inch Finlux 4K Small-scale Ultra HD panel £100 off, now £399.99 at Amazon UK

Philips 40-inch 4K Android TV Pick up this decent UHD TV, now just £379 at

Bargain Panasonic 4K LED 4K Ultra HD 3D Smart TV, 40-inch now £379 at John Lewis