Panasonic: Hollywood damaged 3D

Shoddy conversions put consumers off

Hollywood's rush to flood cinemas with 3D movies to take higher ticket prices has damaged the 3D brand, according to Panasonic's marketing director Andrew Denham.

Speaking at a panel session that TechRadar attended at the Intellect Consumer Electronics 2011 show, Denham stressed the important of high quality content to people buying 3D TVs.

"It all comes back to quality," he said. "Hollywood damaged 3D by rushing so many badly converted films out in the Avatar's wake.


"What we need now is the next level, the next Avatar. And that's a big ask, I think."

The Sky's the limit

John Cassy, channel director of Sky 3D, agrees.

"It's very easy to make bad 3D," he told the panel. "At Sky we only make native 3D programmes, and our first stage of production is always to forget about the 3D altogether.

"Because first and foremost, it's a TV programme – and if the story isn't right or it doesn't make any sense or it's not compelling, it's not good enough and we won't buy it."


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