Vodafone first to offer HTC HD2

Is that a phone in your pocket, or... Oh, it is

Vodafone has announced the availability of the HD2, with price plans to match the high-end features. (See our HTC HD2 review.)

We loved the HD2 when it appeared last month, and as our review attests, it's one heck of a smartphone.

So it's good news that it's finally coming to the UK on an official carrier, with Vodafone offering it on 18- and 24-month contracts.

In for the long haul

Both deals will give you a free phone (which is retailing for only £500 SIM free) although you'll have to pay at least £35 a month on the two-year deal, and £40 for the 18-month version.

However, this includes unlimited internet and email and more minutes than you could shake a virtual-timekeeping stick at.

The former element is particularly useful, as the HD2 allows you to broadcast your 3G signal, with the phone functioning as a wireless router.

We're glad to see the phone appearing in the UK, and it will be interesting to note which other networks offer it too.


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