T-Mobile offers free unlimited weekend texts

Top Up Fridays deal delivers free weekend texts bonus

T-Mobile customers can get free unlimited texts over the weekend if they top up their Pay As You Go or U-Fix mobiles on a Friday.

The T-Mobile unlimited free texts offer is part of its new Top Up Fridays promotion. All Pay As You Go and U-Fix customers can take advantage of the offer by adding a minimum top-up of £10 to their account anytime on a Friday. They are then entitled to free texts to any network all day Saturday and Sunday.

If you're a T-Mobile Pay As You Go or U-Fix customer and you fancy free weekend texts, you can register for the offer by calling T-Mobile customer services (by dialling 150 from their mobiles).

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The Top Up Fridays unlimited weekend texts deal begins next week. The first Friday of the offer is 20 July. A T-Mobile spokesperson told Tech.co.uk that the promotion is expected to run until 16 October 2007.

After that, the Top Up Fridays promotions is likely to continue but with a different free bonus offer. This could be free voice calls, MMS, data browsing or something else entirely.