T-Mobile defends mobile data allowance cull

Android contracts lose 83 per cent of allowance

T-Mobile has confirmed that its reduction of mobile data limits to 500MB also applies to Android contracts that previously offered a 3GB allowance.

This means that T-Mobile's Android contracts have seen monthly data allowances slashed by 83 per cent.

However, T-Mobile claims that most of its mobile data customers only use around 200MB per month, so a minority of customers will be affected.

No additional charges

The good news is that customers straying over the data limit won't be charged and will retain access to mobile email and web-browsing.

A T-Mobile spokesperson told us, "T-Mobile will not charge its customers additional rates for exceeding these data limits, and those who do will still be able to access important services such as email and website browsing, but will have file downloading restricted.

"Customers who have a need for higher volumes of data will be encouraged to take up a separate mobile broadband plan."



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