T-Mobile CEO: We're canceling our membership in the carrier club

No more B.S.

T-Mobile is checking out of the carrier club...and it wants customers to follow.

During a press conference in New York, CEO John Legere outlined the new look, feel and services of the carrier, sharpening its talons particularly on competitor AT&T.

"We're about changing this business, and it's not self-serving. It's serving customers," Legere said during the event. "Customers don't need another AT&T."

Though T-Mobile is following in the footsteps of AT&T (and Verizon and Sprint) in getting the iPhone 5, iPhone 4S and iPhone 4, T-Mobile is offering something quite different - offering "Un-carrier" pricing starting at $50 a month.


Legere and T-Mobile's Mike Sievert outlined T-Mobile's new "un-leashed" persona, with Legere noting that T-Mobile's pricing has "no strings...there's no gotcha."

It is offering a few unique features, including HD voice nationwide for the iPhone 5, plus promises of phone ownership once customers pay off the cost of the phone.

Customers can also trade in their device for a fair market credit if they decide it's not for them, meaning they're not stuck with a handset they're unhappy with for long.

Stay tuned for our hands on review with T-Mobile's iPhone 5 coming up soon.



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