Samsung Jet owners not getting BBC iPlayer upgrade

Guess you have to keep something for the new phone

Samsung has confirmed to TechRadar that current Jet owners won't be getting the BBC iPlayer upgrade.

The new Jet Ultra edition, which was announced recently (despite being on sale for weeks) is essentially the same phone as the Jet S8000 launched last year.

However, it has a few minor tweaks and polishes: it's now available in black with a chrome rim, BBC iPlayer is included as standard and integrated social networking.

The Jet is dead, long live the Jet

The thing is the phone is essentially the same under the hood, so we hoped current Jet owners would be getting the upgrade.

Sadly, that's not the case, as Samsung bluntly told us today:

"At present the software will not be available for the [existing] Jet handsets"

So despite having the same processor and innards, if you're in love with the Jet's chassis but just can't sleep at the thought of others having the iPlayer, you're plum out of luck.


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