Samsung Galaxy S3 could be the GT-i9300

Image reveals handset running ICS and TouchWiz

Samsung Galaxy S3 leaked in image GT i9300

An image claiming to show the Samsung GT-i9300 and touting itself as "the real deal" has appeared online sparking speculation that it could be the Samsung Galaxy S3.

The Samsung Galaxy S2 was the GT-i9200 and the flagship Ice Cream Sandwich handset the Galaxy Nexus was GT-i9250, so the GT-i9300 codename that accompanied this image does fit nicely with Samsung's naming system.

The image which was leaked to PhoneArena, shows a phone running Android 4.0 with Samsung's TouchWiz overlay and features Samsung apps such as Music Hub, S Memo and S Suggest.

Samsung Galaxy S3 leak

Credit: PhoneArena

Chunky build, big bezel and a relocated logo

The design of the handset seems to fit in with the previous styling of the Galaxy S and Galaxy S2, but it looks to have a chunkier build, making us question if this will be Samsung's next flagship phone, or a cheaper mid-range offering.

The screen does appear to be larger, which falls in line with rumours which suggest the Galaxy S3 will sport a 4.6/4.7-inch display. The inclusion of navigation buttons on the screen, thus removing physical buttons on the front of the phone, shows it has received a boost in size.

However, the Galaxy S3 is expected to have a tiny bezel around the screen, and the handset in the photo clearly goes against this with a sizeable gap all the way round the display.

The Samsung logo has been relocated to the bottom of the handset, a move away from the traditional position at the top, as found on the Galaxy S3's predecessors, but something we've seen Samsung do already with US variants of the Galaxy S2.

It's been suggested that this handset is more likely to be a different handset in the Samsung mobile range and not the Galaxy S3.

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