Opera Mobile 9.7 turbo charges web browsing

New browser speeds up mobile web use by 80%

Opera has announced a Mobile 9.7, a new web browser that it claims can speed up web browsing significantly thanks to 'Opera Turbo'.

The software uses a new rendering engine and full support for Flash and Ajax, with similar components used in the full version of the Opera 10 browser.

This means that content rich sites like YouTube, Facebook and MySpace can all be accessed as they would be on the 'normal' web, as well as bringing support for Google's offline service, Google Gears.

Saving the pennies

Opera claims that by using its new engine and compressing web pages by up to 80 per cent, which not only speeds up use but also helps lower the amount of data used, therefore saving money for those that don't have an unlimited data plan.

It also means that less strain is put on the mobile processor, thus meaning the internet can be brought to a wider range of handsets.

Rod Hamlin, Senior Vice President for the Americas for Opera Software, said: "Opera Mobile 9.7 with Opera Turbo gives our business customers to ability to bring a rich Internet browsing experience to their mobile device and to the end-user without having to allocate new resources and development costs."


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