LG Arena Max getting ready for release

Thinking up new names for phones is hard, you know

LG looks ready to reboot its popular Arena handset with a new and upgraded version - the cleverly named LG Arena Max.

The device has been passed through Wi-Fi certification, which is usually the first step towards becoming a real, live phone. Well, not live, but you get the gist.

It's product code will be the LU9400, and the spec list - well, it's clearly going to be a real winning list.

Unpicking the max mystery

We know it's got Wi-Fi... but what else will there be on this MAX handset? If we're taking things to the maximum, that's a 12MP camera, 5-inch screen and 10Mbps download speeds.

And probably time travel as well, given that it's all about being a max phone.

Either that, or it's designed by a man named Max who wanted to be part of the creative process a little bit too much.

We'll bring you more information as and when we get it, so keep your eyes peeled for the day we push mobile phones to the MAX.

Via CellPassion


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