5 no-frills iPhone and iPod docks

Compact docking stations for your iPhone or iPod

5 no frills iPad and iPhone docks

These compact docking stations charge your iPhone or iPod touch (but not your iPad), and some do more besides.

There's one to suit every need and budget!

01. XtremeMax 3-in-1 Microdock
Price: £64

Sync? No
Works with Everything

3 in 1 microdock

While this model may seem expensive, you get more than just a charge dock. It packs in two little speakers, so you can use it as an alarm clock and mini music player as well. It's got a line-in jack, plus audio and alarm controls on the front.

Score: 3/5

02. Gear4 Chargedock
Price: £13
Sync? Yes
Works with Everything


An interesting budget option that makes a good computer-side sync and charge companion, especially if you need to sync several devices and don't want multiple docks. It doesn't come with a specific iPhone 4 adaptor, but we docked ours fine with one of the included ones.

Score: 3/5

03. Griffin Powerdock
Price: £24
Sync? No
Works with Everything


Share the charging love by docking two devices at once! The brushed metal finish on the PowerDock 2 looks gorgeous, especially with the iPhone 4. There's no syncing, but this would make the perfect bedside charging dock if you have two devices, or for you and your partner.

Score: 3/5

04. Apple Universal Dock
Price: £50
Sync? Yes
Works with Everything

Apple universal dock

Simple and sleek, this dock is Apple at its designer best. It's the only one here that comes with a remote for controlling your tunes, which you can play through speakers using the lineout socket. But, being Apple, you'll have to reach for your wallet.

Score: 3/5

05. KitSound iPhone 3G(S)/4 Dock
Price: £6/£4
Sync? Yes
Works with iPhone (model-specific)

KitSound dock

No, that's not a typo; these docks (for the iPhone 3G(S) and 4) really are that cheap. They're tiny, and yet include a line-out socket and RCA lead so you can hook up your device to your stereo's speakers. Brilliant.

Score: 5/5

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