Verizon reveals that iPhone 5 will be a 'global' phone

GSM and CDMA in harmony

Apple will no doubt be firing off a strongly worded email to Verizon this afternoon, after a representative of the US network let slip that the iPhone 5 will be a 'global device'.

This means that it will be able to roam on both CDMA networks (like Verizon in America) and GSM ones like those we use in the UK.

The revelation came during a conference call in which Verizon discussed its quarterly results.


It's not clear if this means Apple will release just a dual-mode version, or if we'll see some iPhone 5s retain their single-radio status.

Still, it's the first concrete leak we've had to play with on the iPhone 5 front; other more tenuously touted spec include a dual-core A5 processor, a larger screen, a metal back and full 1080p output thanks to an improved dual-core GPU.

Sadly, no one has left the iPhone 5 lying around in a bar yet – but with all signs pointing to a September launch for the new Apple handset, there's still time.

Via Electronista



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