Texts - they could save your life

Hostage uses SMS to catch captors

A pregnant US woman, held captive by three armed men, managed to alert the police by texting while hiding out in the back room of her trailer.

The three men broke into their home and took her partner captive, bundling her into the rear of the trailer.

She managed to fire off a number of text messages to her mother, who alerted the authorities.

The three men took her partner, a 35-year-old man, as a hostage, then stole the couple’s car and drove away.

The joy of texts

The SMS’ sent helped the sheriffs to identify the men, and a call was broadcast detailing the stolen car.

However, the captors were using a police scanner and managed to switch cars with the hostage in tow when hearing their details broadcast.

But an eagle-eyed police officer saw the automobile with a window down on a rainy Monday morning, and with suspicions sufficiently aroused, pulled over and arrested the men.

What next - actually phoning the police?


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