Samsung backtracks on Safari

We made mistake, admits firm

Samsung may have made a slight mistake in claiming the the SGH-L870 is equipped with a full Safari browser - mostly because it isn’t.

The company sent a clarification to Engadget, saying they may have been confused with the S60 application instead.

"Actually, [the] L870 is equipped with S60 OSS browser, also known as S60 Safari browser because both are using same webcore platform," the company said meekily, with their metaphorical tails between their legs. "Sorry again for the unclear specification, and bothering you with this."

It’s refreshing to see an apology at the end of the statement, though it does beg the question of who has ever referred to the S6- OSS browser as the Safari? Surely Apple would have come down on them harder than a toppling mountain?


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