iPad mini 4 kills iPad mini 3, but we don't know why

The iPad Pro leads to a line-up change

Apple has unveiled its next-gen iPad mini 4 at its iPhone 6S launch event, revealing a smaller tablet that packs the same punch as the iPad Air 2.

Apple SVP Phil Schiller said the company essentially took an Air 2 and shrunk it into the iPad mini 4. Now, Apple's small tablet line-up includes the iPad mini 2 and iPad mini 4.

So where's the iPad mini 3? No one knows - it seems to have been unceremoniously chucked in the heap pile, no explanation required.

Apple had earlier revealed the iPad Pro, taking over the top spot in the company's tablet offerings. Now, Apple's tablets start with the iPad mini 2, followed by the iPad mini 4, the iPad Air, iPad Air 2, and, finally, the iPad Pro.

The iPad mini 4 price starts at $399, and there's no word yet on when it will be released.



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