Lenovo blows its own trumpet

Improving in customer satisfaction and brand-awareness

Chinese system builder Lenovo has welcomed a Technology Business Research report that hails the company's recent achievements in customer service.

The report said the company had made "substantial progress" in terms of value, repair time and overall satisfaction. Lenovo also "dominated the area of hardware reliability" said the study, "confirming the long-standing ThinkPad reputation for durability and exceptional product design".

Lenovo acquired IBM's PC division, including its ThinkPad and ThinkCentre brands, in late 2004.

"Lenovo has clearly been the most consistent," said Jon Lindy, president of Technology Business Research.

The report also praises Lenovo's innovative product designs, such as the ThinkPad's Roll Cage and Active Protection System shock absorbing technologies. These protect the structure and internal components inside the notebook.

The news should come as welcome relief for Lenovo, who have been suffering from a rash of bad news of late. First it posted disappointing sales in the US, and then it was revealed that Intel had propped up the company's profits to the tune of $22 million (£11.3 million).



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