Asus taking on iPad 2 with 'secret weapon', says CEO

Does this tech WMD exist?

Asus CEO Jonney Shih claims that the Taiwanese company has a secret weapon waiting in the wings, ready to take on Apple's iPad 2 when it launches.

Well, it's almost ready. It's kind of on its way. And we can't tell you what it is because we don't know. We're not sure even Asus knows.

Speaking to Computerworld, Shih talked about how Asus will take on the iPad 2, saying, "Also we will try to provide a 'secret weapon', something we have not shown at this time but closer to the launch time we will show."

So, that's concrete

When pressed for more detail as to whether the weapon is a tablet or component or what, Shih refused to elaborate.

He said, "I think it's best not to say now. You will have to wait until the launch." Spoilsport.

This could just be a case of Asus saying Asus is great simply because they're Asus, but let's choose to believe the company has an ace up its sleeve because we're a bit Hollywood like that.

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