T-Mobile adds memory to mobile broadband

Dutch manufacturer Option signed up by mobile network

T-Mobile hopes to take the next step in mobile broadband dongles by partnering with Dutch manufacturer Option and adding memory to the sticks.

By whacking a memory card into the magic internet maker, it will double as a memory stick, meaning you can take your files wherever you go as well as saving files from all those legal sites.

The iCom 431 is a HSUPA-capable modem, meaning you can download at the now-standard 7.2Mbps, as well as uploading at around 5Mbps at a maximum.

Increased speed

However, T-Mobile currently only supports around 4.5Mbps downloads, but the speed will be steadily increased in the coming months.

"Option has supplied data cards to T-Mobile UK over the years," said Jan Callewaert, Chief Executive of Option, before unsurprisingly backing the pink brand to continue its success in the mobile broadband market.

"We're delighted that now our USB modems will contribute to the continued success of T-Mobile's mobile broadband proposition in Europe."


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