YouTube starts testing skippable ads

TrueView finally lets viewers skip to the end

Google has introduced the idea of skippable adverts to YouTube, announcing a new ad fomat called TrueView.

Adverts on YouTube, like most VOD sites, are compulsory. At the moment, you have to sit through around 30 seconds of pre-roll before you can watch premium content.

YouTube is trying to shake this up a little – on selected videos on the site, there will now be a countdown button.

This will give you a chance to skip the advert after you have seen what it's promoting for five seconds.

Thanks for the ad

This is a promising step for VOD content, as compulsory advertising does put consumers off watching content.

Given that we can all fast-forward through advertising in the home, it makes sense we have control of video advertising on websites.

YouTube will also start offering users a choice of adverts to watch. This new service is optional to advertisers at the moment, and is only currently offered to those with managed accounts.

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