Billionaire blasts YouTube pirates

Demands identities of copyright-infringers

Quirky US billionaire Mark Cuban has unleashed his army of lawyers on video site YouTube . He's insisting that those in charge of the Google -owned website give him information on certain users - those who have uploaded video content he owns.

One of Cuban's companies, Magnolia Pictures , whose films include Bubble by Steven Soderbergh, has requested a subpoena to force YouTube executives to hand over the information.

Cuban said, "We don't expect to get valid user information. If we do, we will contact them and ask them what induced them to upload content they don't own."

A Google spokesperson commented: "We cannot confirm that we have received a subpoena at this time, however Google complies with valid U.S. legal process, such as a valid court order or subpoena.

"As a matter of policy we do not publicly discuss legal matters."

When Google paid $1.65bn (£825m) for YouTube last year, Cuban described the deal as "moronic". The dispute is the latest in a growing number of legal cases involving online video and copyright infringements.


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