Live TV streaming on iPlayer at all-time high

Apple iPad views up 22 per cent, too

The BBC has just released its latest stats for the iPlayer, which reveal that more people than ever than are streaming live content through the service.

The BBC is putting this down to sport being available on the site – mainly American football, Six Nations rugby and Premiership football.

There's good news on the iPad front, too, with 2.1 million requests delivered to the iPad in February, up 22 per cent from January.

Online stats

As February was a shorter month than January, the total number of hits on the service was down from 162 million to 148 million, with 23 million of those coming from Virgin Media iPlayer TV requests.

Hits for the service purely through the iPlayer online portal totalled 125 million – 94 million for TV, 32 million from radio.

Interestingly, the BBC has drilled into the oodles of stats it gets from the iPlayer and found that the service is used for TV at roughly the same time of day as linear TV viewing, although "there is proportionally more daytime and late-peak use."

Oh, and if you are over 55 and using the iPlayer then you are one of the few, as the demograph seems to err towards younger users, more so than TV or radio listeners.



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