Amazon's Black Friday $199 PS3 tease

Only 500 on offer though, so you had better be quick

Amazon s Black Friday PS3 teaser promotion

Today is 'Black Friday' in the US, traditionally the busiest pre-Xmas shopping day of the year, particularly for consumer technology brands, with teasing customers with the 'opportunity to buy' a PS3, Blu-ray movie, and a game title for as low as $199.

Here's a new one on us. An opportunity to enter a competition which will let you BUY something!

Shameless, cheap PR

Customers vote on which PS3 Blu-ray bundle they want and 'winners' receive an e-mail informing them they can buy the product at the discounted price.

Unfortunately only has 500 of the $199 bundles on offer, which suggests to TechRadar that the promotion is more of a shameless attempt to generate some cheap PR headlines, rather than a genuinely good bargain for customers.

Doh! Ever feel like you've been had…