Kodak unveils new HD pocket shooter

It's like a Flip Video but with more hi-def goodness

Kodak continues its day of mass announcements with the Zi6 Pocket Cam, the first pocket camcorder made by Kodak.

Yes, we know that the likes of Pure Digital Flip and Creative's Vado have already tried to corner the market of low-end shooters but Kodak's is a little bit different, in that the quality of the footage you will be able to shoot is pretty impressive – at 720p.

Video star

Like most pocket cams, there's a USB port that pops out the side – so getting your footage on to YouTube is a cinch – while to power the camera you will need two AA batteries.

Video can be shot in a number of ways, depending on how good you want your footage to be. The choice is either: VGA video, 30fps HD and 60fps.

To view your masterpieces, there's a 2.4in LCD.

As the Zi6 Pocket Cam is of a diminutive size, memory comes in the form of an SD card, which you will have to buy extra.

There is 128MB of memory on board, but that's about as much use as a red-ringed Xbox.

There's no word on pricing or availability yet, but TechRadar will keep you posted.


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