6 of the best in-ear headphones

1. JBL J33i

Price: £69.99 / $79.99

These headphones feature 9mm drivers and are designed for deep bass, while flat cables keep them from getting tangled. Certified by Apple for iPhone, iPad and iPod use, they also feature a fully-compatible in-line remote which also enables you to answer calls and change volume and track. They certainly have a premium finish and come with three sets of silicone sleeves to provide the best fit for you.

2. Vibe Slick Zip

Price: £24.99 /$34.99

These cheap and cheerful headphones have a little trick up their sleeve. They ensure the 130cm headphone wires never get tangled, because you can simply zip the cable together or apart as you wish. Although they have two sizes of in-ear tips, they don't have top-drawer sound, as you might expect for the price - so they're more of a novelty gift rather than serious iPhone or iPad accessory.

3. Bassbuds Smooth

Price: £44.95 (about $73)

These premium headphones come in a huge variety of colours and finishes and have a unique touch - Swarovski crystals are incorporated into the design (not to eveyone's tate we admit). In addition to a gold-plated jack and integrated microphone for hands-free calls, they also feature enhanced technology for HD audio calling, while the cable is double-coated and designed to be tangle-free.

4. Philips Fidelio S1

Price: £67 / $120

These superbly crafted headphones feature a semi-closed back which, along with the 13.5mm drivers, helps to create a very balanced sound. There's a flat, anti-tangle cable to prevent annoyance, while you also get an in-line remote that can answer calls. Sadly there's no volume control, however, to increase device compatibility. A hard pouch and four different types of ear tips are also included.

5. RHA MA600i

Price: £59.95/ $89.95

Designed in the UK, these super-sounding aluminium headphones are designed so the cable can be twisted over your ear to prevent movement, while they also come with eight sets of dual-density silicone tips. They're certified for iPhone, iPad and iPod use and enable you to seamlessly move between music and calls with the in-line remote and mic - plus there's a three-year warranty.

6. Sennheiser IE 60

Price: £139.99 / $249.95

More expensive due to their noise-isolating capability, this Sennheiser set comes with a hard carry-case and provide a listening experience to treasure, meaning you don't need to turn the volume up to get more rewarding sound. The only disadvantages are the considerable price as well as the unfortunate lack of remote. The pack also comes with ear hooks should you want them.