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Global Editor-in-Chief: Darren Murph

Editor-in-Chief: Patrick Goss

Editor-in-Chief, Ecommerce Division: James Rivington

TechRadar UK Editorial

Global Managing Editor: Marc Chacksfield

News Editor: Gerald Lynch

Cameras Editor: Phil Hall

Phones & Tablets Editor: Gareth Beavis

Phones & Tablets Deputy Editor: John McCann

How-To Editor: Matt Hanson

Phones & Tablets Staff Writer: James Peckham

Associate Editor, Home Entertainment: Jon Porter

Consumer Computing Editor: Kane Fulton

Production Editor: Jita Mitra

Staff Writer: Emma Boyle

TechRadar Pro

Senior Editor (UK): Desire Athow

TechRadar US Editorial

Senior Editor: Joe Osborne

Senior News Editor: Michelle Fitzsimmons

Senior Editor, Mobile Devices: Matt Swider

Senior Editor, Home Entertainment: Nick Pino

Associate Editor, Laptops: Kevin Lee

Associate Editor, Mobile and Wearables: Cameron Faulkner

TechRadar Australia Editorial

Editor: Stephen Lambrechts

TechRadar UK Advertising

Advertising Manager: Stuart Staves

TechRadar US Advertising

Vice President of Sales: Stacy Gaines

TechRadar Pro Advertising

B2B account director: Teo Tansiri (M: +44 7704980818, T +44 (0)2070424239)

TechRadar Australia Advertising

Sales Director: Paul Marttila

TechRadar Management

Managing Director, Media: Julian March

Chief Revenue Officer: Charlie Speight

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