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Intel strikes back with the rather stunning 13th gen CPU series. Is it enough to take the lauded gaming crown and defeat AMD? And for creatives and productivity use can Intel’s latest architecture do a better job than Ryzen’s chiplet multi-core design? Such big questions! The APC team has been hard at it in the Labs figuring this all out for you, and the results are rather pleasing for anyone looking to grab a new PC or upgrade what they’ve got.

We also have the Nvidia RTX 4090 fully tested – and what a beast that is. It’s the biggest jump in generational GPU performance we’ve ever seen. But the price, son, the price… is it worth it? For the answers read the latest APC, and all will be revealed.

Plus, for people that don’t want to spend $3,500 on a new graphics card, we’ve compiled a bunch of pro-tips for getting more from your PC absolutely for free. That’s how we like it. All in APC's Christmas issue! Grab yours now.

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