Ignore other e-scooters - this Black Friday electric scooter deal is the best I’ve seen

Unagi black friday deal
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With all the Black Friday electric scooter deals going around, it can be confusing to know which ones are a hard no and which ones are a true bargain. After all, unless you’ve tested your share of different models like I have, you can’t tell for sure if what you’re getting is worth your hard-earned money. 

Luckily, top e-scooter brands have already rolled out their Black Friday deals, which means you can score a deal from a trusted name and not end up with a dud when your brand-new electric scooter arrives. 

Out of all those deals, however, it’s Unagi’s Black Friday current offer on the Model One Classic that truly stands out. Fresh out of the Black Friday oven, this new deal on the Unagi E350 slashes a whopping 70% off its price tag. And then throws in a free satchel for good measure. 

A hefty 70% discount is already a big deal, but considering that this e-scooter retails at $940 and is one of the priciest models on our best electric scooters list, it’s an even bigger deal. This knocks its price down to a very budget-friendly $299 – effectively making it one of the best cheap e-scooters you can buy right now. You can also get a refurbished one for just $199.

Whether you’re looking for a premium commuter electric scooter for your daily work commute or the best electric scooter for students as a Christmas present for your kid, this is a must-grab. This deal is also available throughout the New Year so you have plenty of time to take advantage and share it with your e-scooter riding friends. 

Unagi E350 at just $299 - a record-low price

Unagi E350:  was

Unagi E350: was $940 now $299 at Unagi
Unagi’s original Model One Classic is one of the sleekest, most attractive, and at only 28 pounds, the most lightweight scooters we’ve tested. While we reviewed its slightly faster and slightly more powerful E500, both come with maintenance-free solid rubber tires, electronic brake E-ABS, and a gorgeous yet robust aluminum body. It also has a range of 15.5 miles and a top speed of 15mph.

The Unagi E350 may be from Unagi’s older line – with the new Unagi Model One Voyager, which has a longer range and faster charging time arriving early next year – but it’s still able to keep up with the newer electric scooters. That’s despite being held back by its small solid tires and practically non-existent shock absorption.

If you live in an area with rougher roads, this would not be my first recommendation for an e-vehicle. However, if you’re in a city with smooth roads, then this is the smoothest ride you’ll ever experience. And, unlike all the hulking electric scooters on the market that all share the same homogeneous look, this is a gorgeous piece with delicate lines and nice curves.

Best of all, it’s so easy to use and lighter than other models, which makes it easy to carry on the bus or train or take up the stairs to the office or the dorm room. I would recommend this to city commuters as well as college students who need an easier way to go from one part of the campus to another – that’s especially now that it’s under $300!

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