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Acer Aspire AS8935g review

An aspiring media centre laptop, but does it achieve its aim?

Acer Aspire AS8935g-Main
For having such a big screen, the Acer Aspire AS8935g does pay the price by being quite bulky

Our Verdict

A decent enough media centre, but not as portable as you may like


  • Large screen
  • Strong performance
  • Blu-ray drive


  • Quite bulk
  • Pictures on screen aren't great

This unusually proportioned machine has an enormous 18.4inch screen which uses the TV ratio of 16:9 (rather than the monitor ratio of 16:10) to achieve perfect 1080p resolution.

No prizes for guessing its primary purpose then, and the Acer Aspire AS8935g comes with all the bells and whistles you'd expect of a capable media centre, including Blu-ray and some nifty audio tech.

The screen itself is spacious, though unfortunately not exceptional when it comes to picture quality.

The graphics card is a GeForce 9700M GT – the same as the Asus G71 – so it's a cut above for gaming, and although it's quite big, it's not unreasonably heavy.

That does make it quite a compelling all-rounder, so long as you don't mind the bulk.