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We like Freeview better than Sky

Freeview's Playback PVR offering will take on the Sky device but will be cheaper at £150

More of us are watching digital TV using Freeview boxes than any other medium, including the Sky box.

Some 8.2 million viewers used Freeview boxes to get their TV fix in the first quarter of 2007. The previous digital TV leader BSkyB had 200,000 fewer users, while newcomer Virgin Media had 5 million viewers during the same period.

"Over the past four and a half years, Freeview has gone from zero to being the nation's favourite digital provider," said Cary Wakefield, Freeview's general manager. She expects over 10 million Freeview set top boxes to be sold "over the next three to five years", she added.

Freeview will introduce a Playback machine in May, priced at £150. The player will be able to record and store TV content, just like the Sky player.

"Playback PVR is the next chapter of the Freeview story," Wakefield said.