The best laptop deals in April 2024

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We've searched through all the latest offers to bring you our hand-picked selection of the best laptop deals available right now. You'll find everything from entry-level Chromebooks for basic use and schoolwork to high-performance powerhouses for intensive tasks. Let us guide you to the right device that suits your budget and needs from the hundreds of offers out there today.

Know that when selecting the best laptop deals we've considered many factors. This includes the price, of course, but also the level of performance you can expect and value for money. Ultimately, we want to ensure you get a capable machine that fits your budget but also meets your needs. 

Many of our picks include the highest-rated brands or models that we've also tested in our best laptops guide here at TechRadar, too, so you can be sure you're getting a quality device. And where we haven't had hands-on experience, we've looked at other expert reviews, user feedback and our knowledge of a brand's previous models to ensure only the best laptop deals make it onto this page.

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The best laptop deals in April 2024

Lenovo IdeaPad 5 Chromebook: £499.99£289 at Amazon
DisplayProcessor RAM StorageOS

Lenovo IdeaPad 5 Chromebook: was £499.99 now £289 at Amazon
- 14 inches
Processor - Intel i5
Storage - 512GB
OS - ChromeOS

💰 The best value laptop deal right now
✅ Outstanding performance for the price
❌ Some older components

This Asus Chromebook Plus offers almost unreal value for money if you need a day-to-day laptop. The Intel i5 processor, 8GB of RAM and large 512GB SSD combine to offer an impressive performance boost while dramatically reducing boot times and load times. The only caveat is that it's a slightly older machine, but at under £300 it's a bargain for school, college and uni, or just as a home laptop for light use and everyday tasks.

Acer Swift Go: £999£699 at Currys

Acer Swift Go: was £999 now £699 at Currys
- 14 inches
Processor - Intel i7
RAM - 16GB
Storage - 512GB
OS - Windows 11

💰 Big £300 saving on a modern laptop
✅ High-performance components + touchscreen
❌ Overkill for general day-to-day use

This Acer Swift Go is an excellent value high-end laptop with a 14-inch touchscreen. It's one for those with a decent budget who need an all-around device and don't want to compromise on performance. You get a solid and powerful laptop for the money thanks to the latest generation Intel i7 processor, 16GB of RAM and a large 512GB SSD. Get it if you need a device to keep up with all your computing needs: be that work, browsing, media streaming, video calls, or multitasking between many of the above at once.

HP Laptop 15: £499.99£329.99 at AmazonDisplayProcessorRAMStorageOS

HP Laptop 15: was £499.99 now £329.99 at Amazon
Display - 15.6 inches
Processor - AMD Ryzen 5
Storage - 256GB
OS - Windows 11

💰 Great price for a capable everyday machine
✅ Good amount of RAM and speedy storage
❌ Weak processor

A Windows laptop with 8GB of RAM for around £300 is the benchmark we like to hit when looking for an affordable laptop – and this HP 15s is right on the money. Its performance won't blow you away, but if you have a small budget to spend on a device for day-to-day use, admin jobs, web browsing, light work and watching videos, this will suffice. It offers everything you need without breaking the bank, though consider the cheaper Chromebook above if you don't need Windows.

Samsung Galaxy Book3 360: £1,099£649 at Currys

Samsung Galaxy Book3 360: was £1,099 now £649 at Currys
- 13.3 inches
Processor - Intel i5
Storage - 256GB
OS - Windows 11

💰 Cheapest price ever
✅ A premium flexible and versatile device
❌ More powerful laptops are in this price range

This is the cheapest price for one of Samsung's flexible and versatile 2-in-1 laptops. It may be a previous-generation device but it still impresses with its thin and portable design, high-quality 13.3-inch OLED screen and decent spec for all-around home use and light work. An S-Pen is also included for free to make tablet mode even easier to use. You can find more powerful laptops in this price range if you need a device for more demanding jobs. However, this is more than capable of all day-to-day tasks and you're unlikely to find another laptop with premium features like the OLED display and 2-in-1 versatility for less.

Microsoft Surface Pro 9: £1,099£799 at Amazon

Microsoft Surface Pro 9: was £1,099 now £799 at Amazon
- 13 inches
Processor - Intel i5
Storage - 256GB
OS - Windows 11

💰 A record-low price for this device
✅ Flexible and versatile tablet-laptop hybrid
❌ No keyboard cover included

A huge £300 saving is available on this Surface Pro 9 at Amazon, dropping the flexible and versatile tablet-laptop hybrid back down to its cheapest price yet. The specifications are decent, too, including a crisp 13-inch touchscreen, a solid mid-range Intel i5 processor, and a reasonable 8GB of RAM. Storage is a little disappointing at 256GB (we would've liked 512GB at this price point), but it's enough for all of your essential files and applications. It's a smart buy for business or on-the-go use, but do note that you will need to buy the handy and near-essential Keyboard Cover separately.

Where to find the best laptop deals

  • Amazon: retail giant is often the cheapest in the UK
  • AO: lots of cheap laptops at this growing electronics specialist
  • Apple: MacBooks aren't exactly cheap, but they're excellent workstations
  • Argos: home delivery or pick up a cheap laptop locally today
  • Box: another specialist store with some of the best discounts we've seen
  • Currys: the retailer that's seemingly always having a laptop sale
  • Dell: get a great laptop deal direct from Dell
  • eBuyer: the UK computing specialists have some great promotions
  • John Lewis: get an extra 20% off select laptops and MacBooks
  • Laptops Direct: specialist UK store has a huge selection of laptop deals
  • Very: regular sales with significant discounts on laptops

Laptop deals: our buying advice

How we choose the best laptop deals

It all comes down to what's included in the price. We've been tracking all the best laptop deals for a number of years now, so we have a solid idea of what level of performance and components you can get for your money. Using that as a baseline, we can pick out the treasures from the trash.

We also take into consideration what you might need a laptop for based on the money you have to spend. So, if it's just a basic device for some light work, general browsing and media streaming, there's no point recommending a £1,000 laptop as it would be completely unnecessary. Instead, we look at devices between £100 - £300 that could handle those tasks and recommend some laptop deals accordingly.

However, if there's a particularly good reason to spend a little extra money (maybe for some extra performance-boosting RAM or a healthy storage upgrade) then we'll mention that too for your consideration. Sometimes it's worth that investment to better future-proof yourself and end up with a noticeably better device.

Our search takes us across all the major and specialist retailers, so you can be sure we've taken a comprehensive look across the web to pick out the best laptop deals. All the laptops you see here are hand-picked and judged by a real human, too, so each one is given a proper and detailed assessment before it gets added.

Laptop deals: our top buying tips

Some laptop deals can often lure you in with a sub-£200 price tag, but unless you're picking up a Chromebook you're unlikely to get your money's worth with these particular models. 

Chromebooks run on the slim Chrome OS, which means they do not need as expensive components to offer a decent level of performance for everyday tasks such as browsing, sending email, light work and watching videos. That means you will regularly find cheap laptops under £200 that are well worth your cash - provided you're picking one up with these capabilities in mind. 

These kinds of budget laptops are regularly found on sale, but every now and then we do spot savings that offer mid-range specs for entry-level prices. 

If there's a laptop deal available between £300 - £400 with 8GB of RAM then we consider that a top offer. It's rare to get this useful performance boost at such a reasonable price, so snap that up if you like your machine to have a little more horsepower to handle multitasking and more demanding work.

As we get to the upper end of £600 or more, you're looking at some premium devices here with top-of-the-line components. You can still get some solid everyday machines here that are reasonably affordable for a lot of power. 

As prices go up, though, we're into the region of creative workstations such as the MacBook, Dell XPS 13 and Asus VivoBook Pro. Offers on these are actually fairly regular, just don't expect to see mega discounts of more than around £100 - £200.

Want more laptop deals?

If want to get into some more specific choices, you can check out all the cheap Chromebooks available right now, while Apple fans might be interested in our MacBook deals page. And then there are all the cheap gaming laptop deals available today if you're after something with a bit more power.

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