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Virgin adds 21 channels to increasingly confusing TV Anywhere line-up

Virgin adds SyFy, Channel 4 and more to increasingly confusing TV Anywhere line-up
You can watch this only at 11.23 on a moonlit Tuesday night with your tablet facing east

Little Monday treat for all you Virgin Media subscribers out there: 21 new channels have been added to Virgin TV Anywhere for your cloud-based viewing pleasure.

The channels include Channel 4, SyFy, Dmax, More 4 and even a few from Virgin's arch-enemy: Sky 2, Sky Arts 1 and Sky LivingIt.

The content you can watch live online, live on iOS and on-demand varies from channel-to-channel, and in some cases depends on what subscription package you're signed up to - so to make sense of what you're entitled to, we recommend you check out the TV Anywhere site.

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