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Sky explains 'Devil's Wh**e' EPG censorship

You called me a what?
You called me a what?

Channel 4 series The Devil's Whore was always likely to win a little in the way of controversy – but perhaps the makers didn't envision that the series' name would be censored on Sky's Electronic Programme Guide.

Those that tuned in to the programme found the EPG listing it as 'Devil's Wh**e' but Sky has explained to What Satellite and Digital TV that Channel 4 were aware that the word would be starred out.

"Based on a list of words which have the potential to offend, Sky sometimes asks channels to use asterisks in their EPG listings," a spokesperson for Sky told Wotsat.


"Prior to broadcast last night, Channel 4 had agreed to edit their listing based on feedback from Sky.

"Since broadcast Channel 4 has made the request to revert back to the show's unedited title, which Sky has accepted."

So lest you're a producer who wants to go whoring it up on satellite, you should probably bear in mind that you may see stars.