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LG opens pre-orders on world's first curved OLED TV

LG to launch world's first 55-inch curved OLED
LG's bendy reality

LG doesn't hang around. After the South Korean company stated just two weeks ago that its curved OLED TV would be coming later this year, it has now officially begun the process of rolling it out to living rooms.

The 55-inch TV, which we saw displayed at CES this year, is now up for pre-order in South Korea and the first deliveries will begin "next month", according to the official release.

The 55EA9800, as it is named, is 4.3mm in depth and weighs just 17kg. Its bendy form, meanwhile, means you'll be able to get the IMAX theater experience in your living room.


It also features LG's WRGB and Colour Refiner tech for giving a nice vibrant picture to go with those immersive dimensions.

As for pricing, the TV is currently up for a pre-order price of 15 million KRW (Around $13,500 / £8720 / AUS$13,100).

Shipping will begin next month in Korea, while LG says that release for other markets will be announced in the coming months.