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Carphone Warehouse stocking HTC Flyer and LG Optimus Pad

HTC Flyer - Small tablet
HTC Flyer - Small tablet

The Carphone Warehouse and Best Buy have announced that they are stocking two high profile Android tablets from today, with the HTC Flyer and LG Optimus pad both arriving in stores and online.

The HTC Flyer – which has a UK cost of £129.99 with a two-year contract on £25 a month – is currently sporting Android 2.3 rather than Honeycomb, and includes an HTC Scribe pen for making notes.

Optimus Pad

The LG Optimus Pad runs the more up to date Android Honeycomb OS and includes the capacity to record in 3D (although you'll need a 3D TV to watch the vids back in 3D).

It will be available for a hefty £299.99 upfront plus £25 a month – although that is with a 5GB data package.

If you want to buy the devices without a contract deal, you will have to pay out £599.99 for the HTC Flyer or £749.99 for LG's Optimus Pad.

"From today, The Carphone Warehouse and Best Buy will be stocking the HTC Flyer and Optimus Pad," confirmed Carphone Warehouse's release.