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Sony Xperia X gets hugely attractive Black Friday price drop

 If you’re in the market for a new phone - maybe because your old one has grown so terrible that you can’t even listen to Spotify and browse the web - then the Sony Xperia X has just become a very good option this Black Friday and can be had over at Amazon.

The Xperia X is a great phone for those that like a good combination of curved glass, larger screen but still packing it all together in a palm-friendly frame - this is one of the smaller phones on the market offering this much power.

When launched earlier in 2016, the flagship-esque cost for a phone that didn’t have the chipset of something like the Xperia XZ seemed a bit much. But now it’s dropped from £500 down to £320 (for the sleek black version), it’s one to consider.

 Falling the right way 

The main feature is the camera: the 23MP sensor is super sharp, and while it’s not the best Sony has on offer (that lives in the aforementioned Xperia XZ) it’s a decent experience and works best if you spend some time crafting the shot.

In our Sony Xperia X review, we also pointed to the performance, stating: ‘there’s a good slug of RAM... so flipping between apps isn't a terrible experience day to day.’

It’s unclear how long this discount will be available for - it might be down permanently now, which would make sense given it’s been out for close to half a year now. But either way, it’s a good deal now and worth checking out.