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Sony unveils an in-camera graduated filter app

Sometimes overlooked when we talk about Sony cameras are the range of PlayMemories Camera Apps that can be downloaded and installed, but the new Digital Filter app has caught our eye.

It enables you to divide a scene you're shooting into two or three areas. It's then possible to set the exposure and white balance for each of these zones, so it's ideal when you're presented with a high-contrast scene. 

You could use it like a built-in graduated neutral density filter if you wish, but the Digital filter app also has options for Reverse Graduated ND, Color Stripe, Blue Sky, Sunset, and two Custom options as well.

Here's how it works…

It may look a little bit of a faff to use initially – we could be a bit harsh and say that by the time you've set up in camera and merged your shots, you might as well have screwed in a filter on the front of your lens – but there's certainly potential here for those who want to get the shot they want out in the field. 

The Digital Filter app is available to download from the PlayMemories app store for a pretty steep $30/£26, where you'll also find a full list of supported cameras.