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Microsoft updates OneDrive iOS app with TouchID and iPhone 6 features

iPhone 6 TouchID
Take advantage of the iPhone 6's TouchID sensor

Microsoft is committed to the cloud, and its latest way of showing it is an update to the OneDrive iOS app.

The update adds new security features to OneDrive for iOS, including TouchID support and the option for PIN security.

Now iOS OneDrive users can lock their cloud storage behind either a PIN password or their own fingerprints.

The latest version of OneDrive for iOS also has improved iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus compatibility to take advantage of the new iPhones' bigger screens, and the new ability to sort your files in the app.

OneDrive to bind them

Microsoft updated the Android OneDrive app in early October as well, but the Windows Phone version appears to be lagging behind for some reason.

"For all our Windows Phone customers: stay tuned, updates are coming your way soon, too!" Microsoft OneDrive Group Program Manager Jason Moore wrote in a blog post.

It's unclear exactly what's coming in that update, but it definitely won't be TouchID support.

Via Neowin