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Sky TV deal knocks 26% off mega bundle with Netflix and Sky Box Sets

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Update: this offer has now expired, but we've rounded up a selection of the latest best Sky TV deals in our year-round guide.

Original story follows...

Sky TV deals have been a bit dry in recent months but we've certainly got one for you today that was well worth the wait. You can save 26% (£162) on the price of a Sky TV bundle with both the Entertainment base package and the Ultimate on Demand add-on.

Ultimate on Demand is Sky's new box set beast. Not only does it include the excellent collection of Sky Box Sets, but also a Netflix subscription. And yes, if you already have Netflix, you can swap over your existing account, so you don't have to rebuild your watchlist or anything like that.

This double whammy of services was already great value at the previous price of £12 a month as it was cheaper than the old prices of paying for Sky Box Sets as a bolt on and your own Netflix sub bought separately, but with this deal that £12 cost is now £3 a month. 

As for the Entertainment base package (£22 a month), this also includes your Sky Q box which allows you to record multiple live channels at once. You also get a huge number of live channels to enjoy like Sky Atlantic, Fox, Comedy Central, Sky One, SyFy, National Geographic, Sky Sports News and more.

Sky Entertainment | Sky Q box | Sky Ultimate on Demand | £20 one-off setup fee | £34 £25 a month at Sky
A 26% saving on a Sky TV deal with this much content is an excellent offer indeed. You're free to add extras on as you go through checkout. Sky Cinema, 4K content, Sky Kids and Sky Sports are all available to make your Sky TV bundle even bigger. Offer expires July 25th.
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If this bundle isn't quite what your waiting for, or you want to know more about other bolt-ons, be sure to circle back to our full Sky TV bundles guide. If sports is more your sort of thing, we think there could be a decent bundle coming up before the new Premiere League season kicks off next month. We'll keep you posted.