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HTC confirms its smartwatch won't debut until 2015

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'No, we're not,' replied HTC

HTC is holding an event on October 8 at which it's expected to reveal the new HTC One M8, but don't hold your breath for HTC's smartwatch to appear as well.

The Taiwanese company at some point had planned to unveil the HTC watch this year, but that plan has been postponed, says Re/code.

The site spoke with HTC Americas President Jason Mackenzies, who said that while they had planned to launch a wearable soon, "it ended up just not being ready."

Better and late

HTC wants to launch an Android Wear smartwatch that provides a compelling reason to strap it on day after day, according to HTC Creative Labs team leader Drew Bamford.

"When we come to market with our product we want to make sure the product has a strong point of view and there is a really compelling reason to strap it on your wrist," he reportedly said.

"We think the strategy we were working on will get us there, but we want to take our time and get it right," he continued. "We honestly don't think anyone has gotten it right."