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You may have trouble getting an iPhone 7 at launch

iPhone 7 release could be hurt by short supply

You may want to preorder the iPhone 7 way in advance, as a new report claims the upcoming iPhone's launch may be hindered by short supply.

Apple is reportedly undergoing a shortage of materials following a batch of faulty components, an industry source told Japan's Nikkei Asian Review.

The source adds that if Apple sticks to its typical fall release window, initial demand for the newest iPhone might potentially go unmet.

In addition to a component shortage, the drop in demand for iPhones in general may have led to lowered yields from Apple's suppliers, 9to5Mac points out.

Don't panic

This isn't the first time an iPhone has been confronted with launch issues.

The iPhone 4 hit a production snag before it released, and a dearth in supplies also affected the iPhone 5.

Both of those devices wound up with slight hiccups fulfilling preorders on Day One, but thankfully never got close to "Nintendo Wii in 2006" levels of scarcity/chaos. So, unless you're the absolute earliest of early adopters, you probably shouldn't fret over whether you'll have a shiny new iPhone in time for this holiday.

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