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Vodafone explains network outage

Vodafone confirms burglary at Basingstoke site
Vodafone confirms burglary at Basingstoke site

Vodafone has detailed some of the reasons behind its network outage today, which led to the loss of signal to many of its customers.

The provider says this break in (which happened in Basingstoke) was the first of its kind on a site, and that it has already managed to restore a significant portion of customers' signal:

"We had a break in last night at one of our technical facilities which resulted in damage to some of our equipment," said Vodafone.

"[The break in] happened between 1.00am and 2.00am this morning. Our network control centre was immediately alerted as were the police, and some specialist network equipment and IT hardware was stolen.

"Loss of service is mainly confined to parts of the M4 corridor and some areas either side."

'Only' hundreds of thousands

The network refuted claims that millions of customers were left bewildered and without service, saying the number affected was reasonably small:

"That figure is grossly exaggerated – several hundred thousand may have been affected. We have over 19 million customers.

"Voice services are now largely back up and running and we expect to be back to normal this afternoon.

"All our sites are protected by high level security systems - we're reviewing these with the police in the light of last night's break in."