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Samsung's practicing its origami skills for foldable screens in 2015

Samsung will deliver foldable displays for 2015
Can you get it to bend the other way though? Thanks

Samsung's looking far into the future of flexible screen tech and its plans go well beyond the Samsung Galaxy Round.

Kwon Oh Hyun, Samsung Electronics SEO, revealed at Samsung's Analyst Day that the company has plans to release fully foldable displays in 2015.

Before that, Samsung will focus on "Bended" displays starting next from next year, which it has outlined in a loose timeline put up by Sammyhub.

Round and round we go

What would a foldable screen actually look like? If it's going to be exactly as it sounds, Samsung obviously has a lot of confidence in flexible screen technology, although it does note "Technology Barriers" that are yet to be overcome.


But we could well be seeing flexible screens popping up in Samsung's phones and tablets very soon. Keown also added there's still "room for improvement" in the Galaxy Gear, which could be a hint at another area Samsung has its flexy sights set.

Flexible displays look like they might be the next smartphone battleground, with the LG G Flex also recently revealed with self-healing abilities to boot.